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Feed Submitter

Feed submitter is a web based rss sumbitter. It submits to 16 popular feed directories/search engines.

You can automate very simply by using Snoopy.

The url you will use is:



October 23rd, 2005 » 14:16 » 2 Comments

Google update

blah blah blah yada yada blah blah blah yada blah blah Google update blah blah yada yada blah blah random link blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah my PR increased yada yada blah blah random link yada blah blah yada blah blah

October 23rd, 2005 » 13:58 » 2 Comments

Free Blogger Poster

Another excellant free tool: Blogger Poster v1.0

Blogger Poster randomly posts 10 links from your links.txt file at a custom time interval to every blogger.com account that you set in your blogs.txt file. Blog Auto Machine (BAM) does the same thing for $300 and is buggy as hell (personal experience). The tool is light and minimal and does it’s job, just how I like it. You also get a blog pinger which will come in handy in actually doing blog and ping.

Go ahead spam blogger even more

October 23rd, 2005 » 13:41 » Comments

I’m being reblogged!

Check out rento.forbiz.org. Well at least he is linking back and I also noticed him scraping rss ads by google/yahoo included in the blog posts. I wonder why the hell that happens.

I think I will start a blog reblogging the splog that’s reblogging this site. But hey, wait a minute… that makes the blog I will make a “resplog“! Creating new words is fun, isn’t it?

October 21st, 2005 » 11:29 » 5 Comments

PeakClick ppc xml feed

PeakClick is a new ppc provider that pays 70% of the revenue. Cost per click rates are mediocre but much better than searchfeed, miva, 7search and the likes. For example casino keywords go up to $1.3 and mortgage keywords up to $1.

They give you an xml feed with ads that you can parse as you want and display it on your pages. If you are scraping search results, you can replace the links to the sites, with links that pay you when clicked. This way you maximise the chances of a visitor to make you money.

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RSS feed





Content may be king, but distribution pays the king’s mortgage.

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Google acquired reCaptcha about a month ago, you might want to throttle your reCaptcha solving per IP address from now on.

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Matt Cutts on how Google deals with spam.

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Why you don’t want to shard.

Real World Web: Performance & Scalability.


Gearman is interesting.

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