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Paydotcom is very similar to Clickbank. You can sell your own products or become an affiliate for a bunch of products. As for the quality of the products, it’s about as crappy as Clickbank. The majority of products are e-books, with extra focus in the Internet Marketing area.

If you want to sell products Paydotcom is a much better choice than Clickbank, because it’s free and you only need to pay $29 if you have more than one product, unlike Clickbank which asks for $49 per product. You also get paid instantly when a sale happens.


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Link spam detection based on mass estimation

Link spam detection based on mass estimation” by a stanford/yahoo collaboration.

Get edu links. (XSS on search scripts)
Create linkbait. It works wonders.
Be careful with your cross-domain interlinking.


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Free Google Analytics

Google is offering Urchin for free, instead of $200 per month that it was.

All you data is belong to Google

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Article Database

I’m offering my article database for a limited sale. I will only make 20 14 9sales of this database because I do not want a lot of people to have it.

There are a bit over 100.000 articles in a MySQL database which I have split in multiple files for easy downloading. The files total size is around 170mb.You will have to restore the db on your server yourself by importing each file in a new database. The articles were gathered 1-2 months ago from article directories such as ezine articles, go articles etc.


November 15th, 2005 » 13:10 » 4 Comments

RSSG script for download

I wrote about RSSG some time ago, you can read the rssg post here. There’s also a 17 page thread over at Syndk8 where the creator of rssg initially announced it.

Since then, really-simple.com has gone down and the script isn’t available. The creator of RSSG seems to have disappeared and only said he can’t reveal what happened after various rumours started flying around. I have located the script and I’m going to be hosting it here for anyone interested. Get it from the link below, play with it and if you make a good hack or module for it you can let me know and I will make it available here (free link for you!).


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RSS feed





Content may be king, but distribution pays the king’s mortgage.

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Google acquired reCaptcha about a month ago, you might want to throttle your reCaptcha solving per IP address from now on.

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Matt Cutts on how Google deals with spam.

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Why you don’t want to shard.

Real World Web: Performance & Scalability.


Gearman is interesting.

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