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Amazon Store Manager and Browse Nodes

Another good AWS script and it’s free.

It doesn’t have many features but the installation is easy and fast. When you are editing the config file I suggest you go here: http://www.browsenodes.com/
You will find the BrowseNode and SearchIndex you want easily, paste it in config and you are done.

I made 3 sites with this about a week ago and I can say I’m amazed. I have 200k+ hits from google and much less from yahoo and msn. That ate up around 10 gigs so far and they are all indexed already. Because I’m gonna get questions on what I did for getting the spiders, here it is:
I only allocated some weight in DigitalPoint’s Ad Coop.

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Zeus Says:


Wow, this looks interesting. I’ve uploaded the files, etc, to the server, but I’m having difficulty figuring out how to input the BrowseNodes and SearchIndex. Could you tell me how this is done? Indexed that quickly too? That’s a surprise to be sure.


blackhat-seo Says:

Did you even edit the config.php? That’s where you put the BrowseNode and SearchIndex.

Indexing is much much slower but I always like a good google crawl.

Nick Says:

Another great AWS script out there is ezAWS. It also has a CMS backend so that you can publish articles.

Here’s the link.

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