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Automation Toolkit

If you are interested in automating your portal building a tad more, here are two tools that you will find useful, especially for using on reseller accounts with WHM/Cpanel.

AWI – Automatic WordPress Installer

Using a WordPress front on your machine generated sites has been one of the most popular trends in the blackhat seo world for quite some time now. Auto posting on wordpress will not only give you links by pinging but will also give you a self growing website. If you get AWI you also get Quick Cron as a Christmas offer. I do my cron’s with my own tool but I’ve heard some good words about it.

(Use coupon ‘AWI2005′ to get $25 off.)

* No more logging in to your admin panel, going to mysqldatabases, creating a database, creating a user, adding the user …. ach, you know what I mean. No more doing all that setup work!
* No more having to pre-create your wordpress folder and upload your files. Its all done for you!


AccountBot is the the automated whm account creator and will save you a bunch of time when you want to fill your reseller accounts with spam fast. I highly recommend it to anyone that uses a lot of WHM hosting.

If you are going to buy both, you can get the Automation special offer (AccountBot-AWI-QuickCron) and save around $140.

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bhkid Says:

The automation offer brings me to an error page, can you see what’s up w/ that? i wanna get this cheaper. Thanks!

CountZero Says:

It seems the offer has been removed entirely from the site, that’s why you get an error. I’ll see if I can strike up a new special offer for my readers.

You should wait a while before buying because I’ve heard a new version of Accountbot is coming soon and it will be much better.

Stephen Says:

Any news on setting up a new offer? Or on whether new version of Accountbot is ready yet? Just what I’ve been looking for.

Also wondered – anyone know how to preconfigure cpanel hosting account setup so that you can automatically set up a number of mysql databases at the same time as setup?


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