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I wanted to make a website with thousands of pages lately but not a usual scraper site. That’s because I want to try a big site with DigitalPoint Ad Coop and they didn’t approve some of my scraper sites. Now having a site with a lot of weight in the COOP can help you get new sites indexed, which undoubtedly we all want. Another important thing is that you can sell it for money.

Watching a bit the auctions on Digital Point you can see a lot of AWS (amazon web services) sites being sold. So I decided I’ll built a bunch of those, which will make me a couple thousands when I sell them after the next PR update and in the meanwhile help me get new sites indexed.

Here is a related blog: AWS blog

I searched a bit for software and found this excellent site: Associate-O-Matic
Their software is very flexible from what I have read and will help built some amazon stores fast. They offer a free version in which they get 10% of the traffic to use with their amazon affiliate id. You get the remaining 90%. Well, since this kind of sites won’t be making any serious money I opted for the free version, but they also have a paid version where you keep all the traffic.

So here’s my plan:

1. Get 10 domains on topics that there are enough amazon products.
2. Build sites with Associate-O-Matic.
3. Blog and ping a bit to get the index page in google.
4. Drop some links from Link-vault to increase link popularity.
5. Blog and ping some more.
6. Put the COOP code in the templates.
7. Get a little weight (no PR means a lot less weight).
8. Wait for the next PR update and plan for PR3 to PR5.
9. Sell 5 of the sites and keep the rest for me.

So here’s a way for big sites that people find acceptable and actually buy them. Personally, I consider them to be the same as other kinds of automatically generated sites. After all if you want to buy from amazon just frigging go there. DMOZ clones are pretty much the same too.

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hermen shermen Says:

plenty of money to made with aws if you do it right

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