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Blackhat SEO blog recommendations

Here are some blogs from my feed lists, which would make a good read for blackhats. Enjoy …


Blackhat SEO – blackhat-seo.com

SEO Blackhat – seoblackhat.com

Mass Builder News – massbuildernews.com

Zwart @ synk8 – zwart.syndk8.co.uk

IrishWonder @ syndk8 – irishwonder.syndk8.co.uk

I hate Google – ihategoogle.org

David Naylor – davidnaylor.co.uk

Rob the Builder – rob24hrs.com

Macro King – macroking.com

Fantom News – fantomaster.com/fantomnews


Threadwatch – threadwatch.com

Search Engine Roundtable – seroundtable.com

SEO Book – seobook.com

Web Guerrilla – webguerrilla.com

StuntDubl – stuntdubl.com

SEOmoz – seomoz.org

Search Engine Watch – blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog

JenSense – jensense.com

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joebanner Says:

Great post!

I have bookmarked all of the blogs and will read them daily along with yours.

Let’s add syndk8 Forum to the list. I have started reading Matt Cutts to see what Google is up to.

SisterSledge Says:

These links may need updated…rob24hrs.com has no content – just ads now. And Fantomaster hasn’t added any new blog content since May :-(

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Matt Cutts on how Google deals with spam.

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Why you don’t want to shard.

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Gearman is interesting.

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