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Directory Generator

Directory Generator is one of the most popular page generators on the net now. It’s even “patent pending” altough I don’t think getting a patent with this kind of thing would be easy. Oh well, a sales letter has to be a sales letter.

A lot of people use Direcotry Generator, as I always find backlinks to most of my sites from a DG site and even some clickthroughs. It generates pages by scraping search engine results as usual. The price is not bad although a bit more than what I would like. On the sales page you will see “This software IS NOT FOR EVERYONE and I don’t want it to be!” , my opinion is that it is suited for everyone much more than the average page generator.

What makes it stand out more than other generated sites is the looks of the pages. There is a feature to add thumbnails of the sites in the scraped results, which looks nice. It also has a complex internal linking stucture, that might help you with indexing but can also can get you banned faster if you overdo it. There are the options to easily add adsense, amazon products, classified ads, rss feeds and more.

Now I have seen some Directory Generator sites and most of them just look like too much of a clutter with all the ads, thumbnails and internal links. I don’t know if that would decrease the clickthrough on your ads but I prefer taking a more minimalistic route with this kind of sites.

Overall, I would say that Directory Generator is a well rounded tool with a lot of features and easy enough to use for the newbie. If you don’t take your time customizing it’s templates and unclutter it a bit, you probably won’t do very good. That’s why easy to use is not so good with this kind of software in my opinion.

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