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They are also one-way and free! Yes, you heard that right. Using the technique presented in seoblackhat, you can get free links from authority sites.

Let’s say I want to exploit some search scripts in .edu sites. In order to find them I search for “allinurl: search edu” in Google. The first page doesn’t give us any good sites except the last one onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/search.html. Ok, we got a PR7 .edu site. I put some html in the author input form and press search. It’s exploitable and we get a live link back.

This is the url: Blackhat SEO 1

Of course we can put more html in there: Blackhat SEO 2

We can also hide our link: Blackhat SEO 3

Searching more we can find other sites too. Here is some more:






Our search query was too general though, so we should focus a bit more to find sites faster. Looking for a common search script while using the query “allinurl: search edu”, we can spot “WebGlimpse”. Now we switch our query to “glimpse and webglimpse” at Google. Lots of the results can be exploited.

(PR indicated is the PR of where the search form is located. The result pages don’t have PR as they didn’t exist before I published them)
PR4 RSStoBlog

PR6 RSStoblog Review

PR5 Blackhat SEO

PR7 WPburner Review

PR6 Blackhat SEO

and many more I am not gonna list. The method of finding one exploitable script and then searching for the script, greatly increases succes in finding places to get links. You can use this method like in this article, finding places to dump your link or you can find some guestbook script s that allow you to post URL’s. Here are some guestbook scripts to start.

If you are on the more geeky side, I also suggest going to Secunia and searching for “Cross site scripting”. You will find plenty of scripts and applications that you can exploit for links. For example PHPsitesearch. Hiding the links with CSS like the example earlier will help you remain unnoticed for a longer time.

So just make a list of links to those results pages and publish them on some site. You can also blog and ping them on multiple blogs for maximum effect. I’m currently using RSStoblog to post deep links to my new sites in about 10 blogs. I made a list of about 30 sites to exploit and I’m using them to get links to 100-200 pages of each new site. It seems to help indexing more than normal blog and ping, especially with Google.

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Ignat Says:

Interesting approach. I’ve never been “gutsy” enough to try black hat SEO, especially blog about it, but one thing I did try. A friend of mine at college has a .edu domain (my college gives out free server space to students who want to build their own websites). He added a link to my site. I guess that counts as a link from a .edu page. My blog is a few months old so Google hasn’t updated the PR, but I’m gonna give it a few more to see the results. I did get an increase in traffic from SEs. I guess my “importance” went up with a .edu link back

Mike Says:

Do you find that you actually get a spidered google-registered (or MSN) backlink from this technique?

Russ Jones Says:

Searching for the below phrase will reveal about 80 good glimpse links…

“Return only one page of hits for maximum speed”

fargo Says:

talk of this in the NPB forum.

what is the true value? getting into Google only, right?

i think if you make blog sites, this most likely will not be a issue.

seem a lot of work to get a few links. have you tried any of those linking scripts?


Squidz Says:

You naughty naughty boy.

anjur Says:

“what is the true value? getting into Google only, right?”

Just as the value of any other link – however for dynamic links to get spidered, you need a static link from another spidered page (preferably different site) – that shouldn’t be too much of the problem.

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