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Free blog and ping script

Here’s a great little surprise. I have this script for automating blog and ping that I can resell, so instead I’m releasing it for free.

It’s also server side in php so you don’t have any stupid desktop app that hogs your computers resources (*cough*BlogAutoMachine*cough*). So download the following zip, install and start blogging and pinging. Go saturate blogspot with more splogs or make many WordPress splogs on your server.

Blog and Ping free

Extra section

What is blogging and pinging:

Blogging and pinging is the art of posting links to your sites pages to blogs. The blogs can be your own WordPress blogs or even Blogspot’s. Then you ping the blog services and that gets you backlinks that eventually drive the search engine spiders to your site. Of course unless you automate it, it’s pretty time wasting. You can automate it with rss2blog, wpburner, blogburner, blog auto machine or even this script here.

Does it help?

Of cours it helps. You get free backlinks and get spidered. Then usually follows a fast indexing by yahoo, later google and msn at anytime.

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rento Says:

thanks.. i was looking for this :D
great blog btw.. i really like your content..


Alex Marlin Says:


I must admit, I love people who are sincere online and not looking for a quick buck.

Many marketers are exploiting newcomers online by selling crap.

Great post and awesome freebie… thanks… :-)

By the way, I love your blog…

Alex Marlin
How To Build Website

blackhat-seo Says:

I’m not much of a marketer and you won’t find me selling crap ever. I am working on a couple products that will be released shortly with very good prices.
(hints: articles and statistics)

Kim Says:

I can’t get the script to work.

It’s like some of the files are missing because some of the links you mentioned in the instructions don’t show on the page.

NB Says:

hey thnx mucho,

I just dl the script and installed it on my server, have setup a cronjob and spidered the website, now waiting …

thnx, it works np for me, just need to wait now

btw, if entering wp logins/url on the blo.gger acc settings page, the program will login to my wp? is that correct?

thnx again great spirit :)


NB Says:


I installed the script, it spiders and it shows like it has poster too, but when checkinng my blog, there is nothing there, just one post that was made, but with no title and no text in the body of a post.

So what could go wrong? I have setup all the chmods, everything done properly, it just seems something’s missing here… anyone experiencing the same?

Yes, i agree with Kim, some links you mentioned are not there, so could we solve this together maybe, please help.



NB Says:

Could you send me an email please, i would really like this script to work though, please respond on how can i contact you, thnx.


blackhat-seo Says:

I’m sorry guys but I didn’t make this script and I can’t provide support for it.

If anyone solves the problem, please post it here.

NB Says:

Hey folks,

I somehow resolved the problem…

You just need to enter the CORRECT URL in the “Your Blogger Blog Name/Title:” under “Your Profile”.

If you just enter your blogger’s blog url, it won’t work, you need to enter it like this:


Where it says (in the upper URL) “YOURBLOGIDNUMBERHERE” … just repeat the number ID of your blogger’s blog, where you intend to have posts made.

You can find what your blogger’s blog ID is, by visiting this URL: help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=874&topic=12

I did this and it works, however the script is still NOT posting/pinging every 15 min (you can have it do this as you want, the default is 15 min i think), when i visited my blog, i noticed the script posted ALL of the spidered URL’s at almost the same time, so i guess that is NO good somehow, it sure is strange to see that a few ten posts have been made in a few minutes… but i think if you don’t overpost the 100 posts mark daily (blogger has this # as daily limit), i think there won’t be a problem though…

BTW, a suggestion here…

It’s good to create a separate blog.ger acc for every campaign you create, at least after the script have posted 100 posts to the blog… just create another acc and do it again for these new URL’s you need to get indexed into the SE… its more safe that way.

Hope that helps folks, let me know if it works for you too, ok?

And if someone figures out how to make the script REALLY post at the time shedule entered into the script’s window, where you choose the time shedule, please, let us know about it here, ok?

Now let’s wait for the spiders to do their job…



NB Says:


A correction:

You need to enter the blog’s URL in the:

“Your Blogger Blog URL:” window and NOT in the “Your Blogger Blog Name/Title:” window, as stated in the previous post, i appologize for this.

P.S. *Moderator, you can correct this yourself into my previous post and edit it, so there is no need to publish this second one, if you want to, and of course, delete this P.S. if you choose not to do that, thnx.

marketer Says:

Hi guys,

I have installed the script as advised but do not know how to run it. Please can anyone give some advice.

thanks Marketer

cigarhat Says:


Thanks for posting this but I think the config file is totally empty. Can you check the zip and be sure that the correct files are included?

Arcade Games Says:

Very much appreciated, your site has alot of interesting content but I’m afraid this stuff is too risky for me.

Thanks though, I do love a good read and the theories people come up with.

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