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I love these guys

Imagine 10,000 humans manually checking the search engines for spam. Not much would be missed…

I can imagine better ways to waste the time of 10.000 people. The search engines aren’t saturated yet. People complain they can’t find what they are searching for. I say they haven’t fucking figured out how to use a search engine.

Anyone think they are missing something here?
So, not only they won’t to waste the time of 10.000 people but they don’t even include scraper sites there.

Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll find a couple old sites of mine that aren’t banned and aren’t making money and then I’ll ask them for a review.

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rento Says:

hahahaha… what a waste of time…
and you want to ask them a review LOL.. :D
people should know how to search in search engine.

Lauren Says:

Well, all I have to do is say, “more power to them”. I’m sure that spam sites are seen as a “big problem” to these people, but it could also be argued that the creators of spam sites are skilled at giving the SEs exactly what they are looking for, and therefore the results are targeted. Perhaps they don’t find content per se, but they do find targeted results. So, if it’s not evil for Google to return targeted result, why is it evil for a website to do it? Interesting logic.

I say to the anti-spam crowd, “go fo it”. You take your little eye dropper and go try and empty the ocean. It’s a big internet people. As the person above me said, “learn to search”.

mike Says:

i love these holier than thou anti spam “wh” people out there.

unbelievable! these people with their “reporting” of other websites are getting to be like the cyperspace version of the secret police!

give me a break!!!

get a life people!

Jino Says:

What a bunch of mega…losers.

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