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Keyword competition tool

NicheBot is an awesome keyword tool and it’s totally free. I have been using it lately and it’s proven great help to grow your keyword lists or refine them for optimal results.

So you type your keyword/s in it’s search box and you choose one of the features.

1. Wordtracker Keywords – Let’s you see the top 15 listings for the given keyword on wordtracker.

2. Overture Keywords – Let’s you see the top 15 listings for the given keyword on overture.

Both the above include competition information, page counts, search counts and ratio (closer to zero, the less competition).

3 . Thesaurus – Gives you 15 synonyms for your keyword.
4. Lateralus – Gives you 15 related keywords.
5. Keyword analysis – My favourite.

You get some nice information about the top 15 sites on Google for that keyword. You get backlinks count, indexed pages and PageRank. Comes in extremely useful when you want have a quick look at what your competition looks like.

6. Google Ranking
This let’s you add keywords and a domain and check its ranking in the SERPs for each keyword.

7. The last feature is it’s Niche Product directory. You can search it to find a suitable affiliate program for your niche website. Lot’s of clickbank products though, which I don’t like much but still useful.

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patato Says:

I don’t like it too much.
I installed the toolbar, it doesn’t worth a dime.

What do u think about upgraded version?

blackhat-seo Says:

I haven’t checked it for a while, as I don’t need any of it’s features now. I’ll write a new post about it when I get around to it.

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