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RSSG script for download

I wrote about RSSG some time ago, you can read the rssg post here. There’s also a 17 page thread over at Syndk8 where the creator of rssg initially announced it.

Since then, really-simple.com has gone down and the script isn’t available. The creator of RSSG seems to have disappeared and only said he can’t reveal what happened after various rumours started flying around. I have located the script and I’m going to be hosting it here for anyone interested. Get it from the link below, play with it and if you make a good hack or module for it you can let me know and I will make it available here (free link for you!).

Download RSSG

Update: download the rssg2.zip file, the other one was a previous version.

Update 2: Instructions on how to use RSSG

How to get started with RSSG

Extract the files into a folder on your C:/drive

**Edit the Config file, replacing the information in there with your own…(adsense pub id, site’s name, Chitika.

**Create a domain, subdomain or folder on your server and CHMOD the folder to 777

**Place 1 keyword list in the folder named “kws”. The keyword list should be named keyword_list.txt

**If you are using articles then place these into the article folder. Articles need to be compiled first. If articles are in the articles folder, they will be displayed. You can change the contents of the folder at anytime and the changes will be reflected on the site without further generating. Each article should end with a .txt

**Use your FTP program to upload the rssg folder you have created on your server.

**Make sure the folder in which “rssg” is placed is CHMOD: 777

**Generating your site:

Open up your favorite browser and go to the folder “rssg” which you previously uploaded. Then after the slash (http://domain.com/) you should add the text “generator.php” (http://www.domain.com/rssg/generator.php or if a subdomain
http://www.subdomain.domain.com/rssg/generator.php) My experience is to use a subdomain folder and put the rssg in there. I don’t know why but the sitemap then works if I use a subdomain.


If for any reason you would like to clear the sites cache folder, you can call the script “clear-cache.php” e.g. http://www.domain.com/rssg/clear-cache.php

If your site is not appropriate for Chitika, then you can delete that and then find in the stylesheet and check the other files where Chitika is listed. Once you delete that, you can then clear your cache folder. Everytime I make changes to the site, I clear the cache folder. From my reading somewhere else, it appears that the cache is deleted automatically every month.

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davo Says:

RSSG is a really nifty piece of code. Far nicer than Ranking Power 4.5, which I have had a play with.

The only problem I can see is the layout of the original template. It looks beautiful in Mozillla’s browser, but it’s no good with Internet Explorer (IE6)… because the top part of the center column (It’s a 3-column layout) is empty and you have to scroll down the page to see the large rectangle Adsense ad.



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