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RSStoBlog Pro

RSStoBlog is a very handy piece of software. In summary, it’s an automated blog poster and this week the new version came out adding lots of functionality.

What can you use it for:

Posting RSS feeds
You can choose RSS feeds and it will post the rss items to the blog. That’s good because you can have blogs that add content daily automatically. Build a lot of those and you can make some money with adsense.

Post xml datafeeds.
Grab a datafeed from your favourite merchant, clean it up a bit and set it to post. Easiest way to make datafeed sites. Plus you are pinging blog services which gives you free backlinks.

Blog and Ping
You add a list of your links and it posts them. There’s also a bonus tool that will make a link list from a site you choose.

Post scraped search engine results
You can have it scrape some search engine results to add to your posts along with your rss feeds or links for blogging and pinging.

And more as your imagination allows.

With the new update you just install it once and can have it post to as many blogs you like. You also need only one cron job, unlike the previous version that needed one cron job for each blog. There is also a new feature to randomize posting times. If you are posting once every 20 minutes your blogs will definitely get banned. Randomizing your posting time between one to two hours will give your blogs a bigger lifespan.

RSStoBlog is one of the best blogging software programs right now and I highly recommend it. Even if you only need to blog and ping, it’s cheaper than other blog and ping programs, although it’s blog and ping features are a bit less automated.

I mostly use it to blog and ping and have had good results so far. I also threw up a couple datafeed sites this week to see how they fare and have already got a couple sales. I also have some simple content blogs for about a month and some of them got PR2-PR3 even if I didn’t do any link building myself.

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Laura Says:

I happened into your category page for blog and ping and found this RSS2Blog article. I enjoyed it, as I’m an RSS2Blog user as well. I know Michelle’s done well with the script and has been consistently wonderful along the way with free updates and sending out news items. I’d have to say that R2B is one of my favorite tools for getting more out of WordPress.

I was wondering…have you built many affiliate datafeed websites or blogs with RSS2Blog? I tried one but didn’t have much success with it (no fault of the software to be sure) – but I loved the concept. So when this new WordPress tool came out I had to try it as well.

I can be a bit of a geek, but I thought this was really simple to do. I had a new site set up in twenty minutes even while making videos on how to do it. I’m thinking it’s not just simple for geeks, but that anyone could do it and would love to hear your review or take on these.

Thanks, Laura

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