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The Google Conspiracy

In a recent thread on the Traffic Equalizer forum, a member, Mark W. Olsen posted an email he sent to Google asking them to close his adsense asccount. Here is some of the reasons included in the email:

  • Using sophisticated software to automatically generate very large websites on the fly. These “Google-controlled websites” are designed solely for the purpose of promoting their advertising program and/or their friendly business partners
  • Violating their Terms Of Service (TOS) agreement by manipulating their Organic Search Engine Algorithms in order to favor their own websites
  • Creating fake competition in order to avoid problems associated with monopoly laws
  • Attempting to control the World’s information using very distasteful methods
  • Collaborating with Yahoo in great secrecy for mutual benefits
  • Creating ridiculous TOS for their Adsense subscribers for the purpose of ‘hiding’ their lies

He says that he has compiled extensive evidence to back all of his accusations and that he is planning to expose everything to the public very soon. This is a fully fledged conspiracy theory, his phones are being tapped, his computer and e-mail are being hacked into daily and I think I also recall someone else mentioning black helicopters.

I don’t expect to see very much coming out of this, but you never know, Mark may eventually surprise us.

(Mark is going to use his own site to “expose” Google, true2ourselves.com which is currently down)

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