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The Rich Jerk review

rich jerk

I bought the Rich Jerk book about a week ago. What initially drew me to the book was the sales copy. Additionally, the book is noly around 40 pages so I knew it wouldn’t be like all the similar ebooks on the net, where the writer starts blabbering endlessly and not giving you any actual advice.

The book outlines many different strategies and how to approach them, from ppc marketing to ebay wholesale and investing. Additionally, the book is short and on to the point with no bullshit filler. There’s a chance you will have already heard about some of these, personally I knew already about everything in the book. However, after reading the book I had lots of things to experiment on. So I got down and actually did some work and now only a week after I’m already making some nice extra money. All I can say is I loved the book and it was well worth the money.

This book isn’t exactly blackhat seo specific, but hey you are in or are getting in blackhat seo for the money. This book is all about making money so it’s of interest to my readers. I’m sure you will pick up at least a few tips that will help you make more money. With the scraper site declining sucess, which is the core of most blackhats money, I believe it’s a good time to diversify.

Get the Rich Jerk book here.

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hermen shermen Says:

c’mon … give us a little taste … one thing that made a difference for you.

hermen shermen Says:

OMG … it’s the 50% referral fee … that’s the secret. ;)

that would motivate me to blog about this

Rohit Goel Says:

I bought that book too. And I agree it has some good points. But the problem is that you will have to put some effort to convert it into money. And that will require lot of iterations. And that is where most of us stop.

Lauren Says:

Hey, I’ve got the book too! About 80% I knew, but 20% was new. It’s the 20% that will pay for the book, and then some.

But Rohit is right, most people will not act. That’s why I don’t get freaked anymore when “secrets” are released. So few people actually follow through.

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