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Traffic Equalizer

Traffic Equalizer is a popular content generator. You most probably have seen pages generated by Traffic Equalizer already but didn’t know what it was. What I don’t like about it is that the majority of the pages generated by it, look just plain ugly. You can do things to improve the looks but if you are trying to crank out 10 or 20 TE sites a day, what lots of people do, they will probably not look good.

What does Traffic Equalizer do?

It takes a keyword list that you provide then makes a page for each keyword with scraped search engine results. It also uses templates whith which you can customize the looks and structure of the generated pages. With TE you can easily make a site with 500, 1000 or 10.000 pages in less than an hour.

Although it won’t help you get #1 positions in the SEs for major keywords, it will create lots of pages that rank well for secondary keywords. Effectively, that’s why you will get traffic with it. Now, you just put an affiliate link, adsense or whatever else you want on those pages and you will see money start flowing in. Of course you need to get the search engines to index you site first or you won’t see anything.

What’s in the bundle?

Along with Traffic Equalizer you will get Keyword Harvester which helps you create keywords lists. There is of course the manual, which I found a bit out of date, and the default templates that TE uses.

It comes with two versions of TE: The first is the PC version which you run on your PC and there is the server version which you run on your server and it creates the pages there. The server version also has the option of scraping results for the pages each time each page is accessed, which might be good because you will have fresh content each time the site is crawled.

There is access to the private forum, which in my opinion is worth the price alone. There is tons of information and if you use a part of the knowledge in there you will surely make some extra bucks.

That’s all for now about Traffic Equalizer. I will post the results of my test site with it, some time next week.

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patato Says:

Do you think it’s a good app to generate traffic?

blackhat-seo Says:

I mostly see it as a way to make money with the sites it generates on their own. I have used it to generate traffic to a couple existing sites that had their own products and it worked fine. At least 100-500 uniques for those sites per day and for free.

It is good.

Blackhat SEO » Page Generator list Says:

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