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March 24th, 2006 » 21:02 » 2 Comments

Cool Tool: Coral CDN

What is the Coral Content Distribution Network?

Coral is peer-to-peer content distribution network, comprised of a world-wide network of web proxies and nameservers. It allows a user to run a web site that offers high performance and meets huge demand, all for the price of a $50/month cable modem.

Publishing through Coral is as simple as appending a short string to the hostname of objects’ URLs; a peer-to-peer DNS layer transparently redirects browsers to participating caching proxies, which in turn cooperate to minimize load on the source web server. Sites that run Coral automatically replicate content as a side effect of users accessing it, improving its availability. Using modern peer-to-peer indexing techniques, Coral will efficiently find a cached object if it exists anywhere in the network, requiring that it use the origin server only to initially fetch the object once.


March 24th, 2006 » 20:14 » 2 Comments

Scam alert – Carlton Press offshore-manual.com

I was ready to buy something from these Carlton Press guys but fortunately I found this post @ blankjb.iblog.com.

From personal experience, without any adequate DD, except for the fact that they seem to be an old site, i ordered a product from the site called Channel Island Banking Package. After ordering, a Dr. K.F.B. Weiss contacted me to make payment through e-gold. As soon as payment was completed and acknowledged all subsequent communication from this site stopped and i have been waiting ever since for the product or refund of payment.


March 18th, 2006 » 12:34 » 2 Comments

Naughty software: Voodoo Blogger

Someone reported at the Syndk8 fora that Voodoo Blogger (voodooblogger.com) is spying on you. When you create a blog with it, it contacts their server and saves your blog’s info. Another member reports that after he requested a refund, he got a note that all his previously created blogs now belonged to them.

Amy why do you spy on our spam? You are naughty. Talking about Amy, she’s also launching a membership site, for the small price of $497 per month (marketersos.com/membership.htm). Also, she isn’t going to launch it unless 100 members are reached. Amy, are you asking people to pay you $49,700 per month to spy on them?

March 17th, 2006 » 2:21 » 7 Comments

Books I’ve read recently

I’ve been reading more lately but there’s simply not enough time in the day. There’s so many really interesting books out there and nobody has time to read it. The following are a few I’ve read recently:

Endless NightsNeil Gaiman
The dream catchers – Neil Gaiman
The “Matrix” Comics – Neil Gaiman ; Larry Wachowski ; Andy Wachowski ; Geof Darrow


March 15th, 2006 » 2:14 » Comments


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Content may be king, but distribution pays the king’s mortgage.

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Google acquired reCaptcha about a month ago, you might want to throttle your reCaptcha solving per IP address from now on.

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Matt Cutts on how Google deals with spam.

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Why you don’t want to shard.

Real World Web: Performance & Scalability.


Gearman is interesting.

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