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AOL keywords, cheap domains, KeywordDiscovery new features

Will you people quit fawning over the AOL keywords? I’ve seen about half a dozen websites about it, dozens of rants about some guy that needs to be arrested because he is searching for ways to kill his wife, and some hundreds of people posting meaningless stuff about it.

Just build a bunch of sites with the keywords and forget.

In other news Directi is gonna offer $0.99 domains sometime soon. A lot better than Regfly and just $0.39 more expensive. The API is pretty nice as well.

Keyword Discovery now features shopping keywords from sites like Ebay and Amazon. Also a new database with keyword searches performed at major news search engines, publisher and news portals. Also some new work on skew and poisoning:

Data Quality & Skew
Skew is a major problem that has tradditionally faced all keyword suggestion
services. Typically search statistics reported on popular queries are impacted by
various automated agents such as search engine crawlers, rank and bid checkers.
These inflate the true search numbers making it difficult to accuratelly estimate
available traffic. KeywordDiscovery now solves the problem by providing a database
of 600 million keyword searches based purely on user panel data. The new database is
free from all skew caused by automated agents. KeywordDiscovery is currently the
only keyword research service with this level of data quality.

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