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Blogger Generator

Using Blogger Generator you can create hundreds of blogs on Blogger (blogspot.com), as you can easily pay someone to create the blogs for you. With an average rate of 15 blogs per minute you can pay someone $10-$20 per hour for around 900 blogs.

You can also get BlogPoster and BlogPinger for free from http://cflwaves.com/projects/ by joining the mailing list. These 2 utilities along with Blogger Generator can be used to post links and ping your thousands of Blogger blogs and get your generated sites indexed pretty fast.

I have talkef to a few people using a lot of blogger blogs to get their new generated sites indexed and all are reporting similar or better performance to WordPress blogs, which also cost for you to host.

Blogger Generator also modifies your blogger settings so the links don’t have the “nofollow” attribute and edits the template so you don’t get banned or flagged (which means you need to enter a CAPTCHA to post). Your blogs will still be banned and flagged, but the rate you can create new ones and the time until they are banned/flagged, leaves you plenty of room to abuse the Blogger system for blog and ping.

Get Blogger Generator here.

(note: It also automatically removes banned/CAPTCHA’d Blogger blogs from your posting and pinging lists for less wasting of resources.)

(note 2: The price will increase sometime in the next 2 days)

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kopking Says:

Anyone tried this? – looks quite interesting but having had some bad experiences with blogger recently I am not too sure

Will Says:

Bought it yesterday and went to try it but couldn’t enter a user name in the software. Have asked for help but no heard back yet.

Joe Says:

Hey Will,

I don’t think I received your email but you don’t enter a username in the username field, it is created from the New User window…check out the videos.

travs Says:

damn clickbank…does not support ePassporte

HaRRo Says:

Hey guys just thought id let you know for those who cant login username is your email you purchased with and the password is your clickbank reciept number.
Excellent product.
Just gotta think of a nice plan to use it with. :)

Anthony Says:

Hey Guys,

Well? Anyone like this product?
Does it work?
What success have you had?

Let me know.


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