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Here comes a new wave of spam

Here comes another million of spam sites per month. *
About half the memberships are gone already, but you may be able to catch one of the first 250, otherwise you don’t get the Wordtracker tool.

PG Insider is pretty much the best bundle of blackhat software you can buy right now, unless of course you make your own. It doesn’t include a site generator, but it works with RSSGM (which is free) and Niche Creator (which costs $500). It will allow you to build lots of sites from a central installation.

You also get:

  • “The system” ebook
  • Keyword cleaner
  • Keyword Utilities
  • 1 million keywords per month
  • access to the forum

The scripts are all unencrypted and you get to keep them even if you cancel your membership. Basically, you pay $67 for all the stuff and then $47 per month if you want 1 million keywords and access to the forum. It’s a pretty good deal, people say he’s practically giving it away at that price. At that price you could be buying just 1 million keywords and maybe some crappy ebook.

Check it out here.
* 500 members * 1000 sites per week = 500.000 new spam sites per week. Let’s cut that in half. 1 million spam sites per month. Not to mention the link spam required to make these sites profitable, which could be wordpress blogs hosted on additional domains, hundreds thousands of Blogger blogs, plain old guestbook spam adding millions of new pages or comment and trackback spam, which everyone loves.

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