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Sample earnings

Here is a sample site’s earnings for 60 days, not the best performer but very impressive CTR. You’ll have to guess which advertising program it is yourself though. Traffic was mostly from MSN.

Impressions: 1,007
CTR: 83.3%
Earnings: $113
Clicks: 830

This one’s a single page site, with just some css formatting, no layout whatsoever. You should try some very simple designs with your sites, the results may surprise you.

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Alexei A. Korolev Says:

This is adsense stats?

CountZero Says:

You have to guess :P

VExMaFuka Says:

useless post if ur not gunna giv us more details :|

Dave G Says:

True, please tell us what it is from. There is no point asking people to guess, I mean, I could just list all the possible services and programms etc, but really, what is the point? :)


CountZero Says:

The point is that extremely simple layouts can get you high CTRs. Also, MSN users seem to click more ads than google and yahoo users.

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