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Scam alert – Carlton Press offshore-manual.com

I was ready to buy something from these Carlton Press guys but fortunately I found this post @ blankjb.iblog.com.

From personal experience, without any adequate DD, except for the fact that they seem to be an old site, i ordered a product from the site called Channel Island Banking Package. After ordering, a Dr. K.F.B. Weiss contacted me to make payment through e-gold. As soon as payment was completed and acknowledged all subsequent communication from this site stopped and i have been waiting ever since for the product or refund of payment.

I had my eyes on the same Channel Island Banking package. Of course I googled Carlton Press after I saw that post (which was quite by accident, really), and found a document on ftc.gov as well as a warning on quatloos.com

The guy who runs the Carlton Press scam is Dr. K.F.B. Weiss. Here he is in all his glory. Does he look like James Bond or what?

Carlton Press
Here is the probably fake adress he uses for reference: Valkendorfsgade 4 – P.O. Box 1199 – DK-1011 Copenhagen K – DENMARK – Fax: +45 7023 1199

That’s all. Don’t order from them.

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roddy Says:

i used to live round the corner from that street hu

maz Says:

I sent a link to Offshore MaNUAL and this is their response
1. we are NOT Carlton Press nor. Mr. Kim Weiss. Mr. Weiss retired some years ago.

We took over Offshore-mnaual in 2007. You’ll not see any neagtrive writings about us.


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