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I’m not talking about prescription drugs. It’s not such a lucrative business as RX but it’s certainly a lot easier. I’m talking about cannabis, salvia and whatever other herb someone had the bright idea to smoke one day.

If you wanna jump at this niche, you are gonna need to find some good shops to affiliate with or even source the product yourself given the relatively high margins. Surely, you could just make a page for every possible keyword in this market and slap on some generic “Legal Bud” ads (http://www.herbalsmokeshop.com/affiliate.html) but their products totally suck. That would be bad spam.


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You’ll find out in 2009

[20:09:22] * cyanact has joined #theroom
[20:10:24] [cyanact] is it advised to make lots of subdomains, WP in each for a keyword and put adsense on those and then B&P? or are the wordpress installs simply to get indexed?
[20:14:08] [lewney] haha
[20:14:12] [lewney] thats what I call an entrance
[20:17:27] [nemik] :) not sure where to ask
[20:17:33] [smaxoro] that's what I call 2005
[20:17:59] [nemik] so what's 2007?
[20:18:09] [smaxoro] you'll find out in 2009

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Content may be king, but distribution pays the king’s mortgage.

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Matt Cutts on how Google deals with spam.

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Why you don’t want to shard.

Real World Web: Performance & Scalability.


Gearman is interesting.

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