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Black hole SEO

Following up on yet another silly phrase made up by Mr Bluehat, I’ll tell you how to do black hole SEO in another way. You know what else people scrape a lot? Search engine results.

So how would you go about making people scrape SERPS that include links to your sites?

  1. Insert some unique phrase and/or words on the pages you want to get links for.
  2. Get those pages indexed.
  3. Check Google,Yahoo and MSN for various combinations of those unique phrases. Try to make it so you have more than one page in the SERPS for each keyword.
  4. Run a robot that will perform searches on various search engines for your keywords.
  5. Webmasters scrape keywords from Overture or Adwords or Wordtracker etc.
  6. Webmasters scrape SERPS for those keywords, then create pages with those SERPS.
  7. Sit back and watch your backlinks grow.

Have fun destroying the keyword tools.

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NC Says:

Hey there,

This only works if you go for the long tail variations, right? You won´t get those backlinks that easily for competitive terms just by getting indexed.

Gabb Says:


Maybe I’m not getting it.

So you mean create unique phrases like “kkjl playstation”?
Do 150 search for this phrase on 10 different search engines, so this phrase will be registered in keyword lists that webmasters download?


Jack Says:

I did this once unintentionally and it worked! I hadn’t put 2 and 2 together until now though as to why I had gotten some backlinks. I think I will try it on purpose this time.

G3kk0 Says:

Rock it! Good shit here.

CountZero Says:

“This only works if you go for the long tail variations, right? You won´t get those backlinks that easily for competitive terms just by getting indexed.”
No, it works with competitive terms just the same. Basically, any keyword in the results of X keyword tool, is going to have someone scraping SERPS for it.

You can also hijack other people’s “unique phrases”, that way you only have to do half the work.

SEO BB Says:

What will backlinks like this be worth though, coming from MFA sites? I mean, why make the effort?


BlackHatBook Says:

This black hat is old hat isnt it ?
I found this out by accident once when I was scraping. An easier way round it is to find a keyword phrase that brings your site up at the top of SERPS, then just keep searching search engines for that unique phrase and it will get onto the keywords list, then scrapers see it and make a page for that phrase and your site will be top, but don’t do this to any white hat sites you have as it can hurt sometimes if a few 100 shitty scraper pages link to you in this way really quickly, just use it for your black hat seo sites.

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