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High and low value uses of time

High-value and low-value uses of time according to Richard Koch.


  • Things that advance your overall purpose in life
  • Things you have always wanted to do
  • Things already in the 20/80 relationship of time to results
  • Innovative ways of doing things
  • Things other people tell you can’t be done
  • Things other people have done successfully in a different arena
  • Things that use your own creativity
  • Things that you can get other people to do for you with little effort on your part
  • Anything with high-quality collaborators who have already transcended the 80/20 rule
  • Things that for which it is now or never


  • Things that other people want you to do
  • Things that have always been done this way
  • Things you are not unusually good at doing
  • Things you don’t enjoy doing
  • Things that are always interrupted
  • Things few other people are interested in
  • Things that have already taken twice as long as originally expected
  • Anything with unreliable or low-quality collaborators
  • Things that have a predictable cycle
  • Answering the telephone

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Sterkorks Says:

This is perfect and I shall print it out and hang it above my computer. I will look at it each day and live by it accordingly. Thank you. (Especially the part about answering the telephone. Yuck.)

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