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Spammers, the game

Spammers: The Game, I just bought this on ebay, seems like it will be some good fun. From the site:

Each player is competing to pull off the most lucrative scams. You do this by spamming mailing lists. The more closely related the mailing list is to the type of scam you’re trying to pull, the easier it is to score.

Scams come in 4 types – sex, internet, money and free stuff. The text and art flavour are quite wonderful. Of course the sex scams appeal the most – highlights were the Virtual Jellorama, Walter’s Wankery and Disgusting Dog Tricks. If you’re geeky, some of the internet scams are witty. All the standard ‘make money doing nothing’ and free stuff scams are there as well.

“Oh god, you do have mail.”

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X-Man Says:

i really like that game because im fat and ugly and don’t know what to do all the day…

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