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Captcha advertising

I linked to an article about captcha advertising yesterday, so here is some links I’ve collected on the subject. I have found the following four services so far:

AdCopy – In beta, you can request an invite.

AdCaptcher – Advertiser functionality coming soon.

AdAptcha – Also in closed beta, you can request an invite.

CaptchaAd – These guys are open for business. The counter on their site says they have served 23 million captcha ads so far.

The idea of captchavertising (see what I did there, I made a new word) has been popping up every now and then for the past few years.


Probably the earliest mention of “captcha advertising”.


Next year Seth Godin comes up with it.




http://www.captchaadvertising.com/ – One of the above companies should grab this domain.

http://captchavertising.com – Parked.  Seems like I’m not the first one to think of “captchavertising”.

http://captchadvertising.com/ – Also parked.

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Cpatcha Ads Says:

You missed another one:
It’s a blog about captcha that aims to be a kind of introduction to the real thing (captcha ads).

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