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BlackhatSEO Search

A custom search engine with mostly Blackhat-SEO related websites.

Internet Mindmap

The Internet Mindmap will help you find your way on the internet. Lots and lots of categorized links.

Keyword Discovery

Give Keyword Discovery a spin for free. Also generates shortcuts for further research.

Bad URLs

A big list of URLs you shouldn’t be sending content to. Mostly consists of SEO and antispam related sites.

Oblique Strategies

Not exactly SEO related but handy for when you need some inspiration. Our very own automatic creative consultant.

Code Repository

Here is where I put various useful pieces of code to share with the world. You can view it with your browser but I suggest you learn how to use an SVN client.


Miscellaneous downloads.

  • Pwntcha.zip – The pwntcha SVN repository zipped up.
  • RSSG.zip – The original RSSG. Stands for Really Simple Site Generator.
  • RSSG2.zip – Version 2 of RSSG.

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Content may be king, but distribution pays the king’s mortgage.

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Google acquired reCaptcha about a month ago, you might want to throttle your reCaptcha solving per IP address from now on.

14/10/09» 16:22» link» comments

Matt Cutts on how Google deals with spam.

7/10/09» 14:31» link» comments

Why you don’t want to shard.

Real World Web: Performance & Scalability.


Gearman is interesting.

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